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Warehousing and customs brokerage

5 customs-bonded warehouses in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas and Gorna Oryahovitsa, with the total covered storage area of over 20 000 sq. m.

Storage and services

  • Excise goods - tax warehouse
  • Free storage
  • Cross-docking - groupage consignments transshipment
  • Customs-bonded warehouse
  • Temporary storage in customs-bonded warehouse
  • Warehouse with a combined ramp for railway wagons/trucks
  • Issuing and completion of an e-AD (electronic Administrative Document) and issuing an e-ATD (electronic Administrative Tax Document)
  • Excise warehouse for all types of alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and excise oils
  • Additional services like putting stickers and banderols, commissioning and distribution
  • Goods registration by item type and number in the software system ERP
  • Scanning all incoming and outgoing goods
  • Commissioning of the goods
  • Transshipment operations, including such for shipments weighing up to 10 tons
  • Repackaging, putting stickers, etc.
  • Distribution

Customs agency

  • Normal and simplified procedures throughout the country for all types of customs regimes
  • Filling all kinds of customs and commercial documents
  • Legalization of certificates
  • Customs consultations
  • Excise transit bank guarantee for Community transit (T1) at the reference amount of € 2 750 000


  • Approved Economic Operator (AEO) since 2010 - BGAEOF1211407500010
  • Approved Recipient and Approved Place for Carrying out Simplified Procedures - since 2011 - 11/BG005800/0001
  • Approved Exporter - since 2014
  • Approved Consignor