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Rail Groupage transports

St. Gallen, 10 April 2018. In March, the Militzer & Münch Group launched a new service – the rail transport of LCL consolidation boxes from Duisburg to Wuhan, a distance of approximately 10,550 kilometers. Militzer & Münch China is the only service provider in the market to offer the service on this route – and has successfully handled the first transports. The advantage for the customer: as compared to air freight, the transport via rail is about 70 percent less costly, and as compared to sea freight, rail traffic is more than twice as fast. 

The new Militzer & Münch service comprises bundled transports for smaller consignments as LCL (less than container load) shipments, also known as freight consolidation or groupage transports. The first door-to-door LCL consolidation box shipment from Duisburg to Wuhan took 26 days, 18 of which via rail. “The consolidation box service offers our customers the chance to increase their supply chains’ efficiency owing to savings in cost and time”, says Glenn Bai, Managing Director Militzer & Münch China. “Sea freight transport takes over 45 days from Duisburg Port to the Port of Wuhan – which means going by rail saves as many as 27 days.” 

Saturday departures 

Every Saturday, the transport leaves Duisburg. On the way to Wuhan, the railway gauge changes twice. The train is routed via Małaszewicze, Poland, and Alashankou, China. The point of destination Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province, with a population of eight million people is a popular production center for the automotive industry that serves as a hub for the distribution of the freight to different Chinese regions.

Several Militzer & Münch teams cooperate on the new service. The team at the Militzer & Münch Rail Competence Center (RCC) in Dusseldorf is responsible for the pre-carriage of the goods from the warehouses. They also provide the containers and organize the departure from Duisburg. The Militzer & Münch China team coordinates the importation of the goods in Wuhan, the unloading and customs clearance, and in some cases also the onforwarding of the goods via road to the consignee in China. 

Track & Trace from origin to destination

At this time, the main goods Militzer & Münch transports via the groupage containers are products from the automotive industry and other industrial sectors. Customers from the e-commerce field can also benefit from the new transport option. For the entire duration of the transport, Militzer & Münch China offers tracking and tracing so the customers know at all times where their goods are.

“In this new service, we see an investment into the future”, says Glenn Bai. “In the logistics industry, rail traffic is becoming more and more popular.” Also customers from France and the Benelux countries can use the new Militzer & Münch service via Duisburg. 

M&M Militzer & Münch at a glance 

The Militzer & Münch Group employs a staff of about 2,000 at 100 locations in around 30 countries. Strategic partnerships in numerous other countries complete the dense network. Militzer & Münch offers worldwide air and sea freight services as well as road and rail transports and project logistics along the East-West axis in Eurasia and North Africa. The Group operates with a dense network of branch offices in Eastern Europe, the CIS, the Middle East and the Far East as well as in the Maghreb countries. The head office of the company that goes back to 1880 is in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.